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A good friend of mine made me a painting! It's called Sensibility.

Isn't it beautiful? It was as you probably can see made with the knowledge of my period drama 'addiction'. It sort of reminds me of the beginning of Jane Eyre. If you want to see more of the paintings of my friend, check her website. And leave her a message, she will be thrilled with international messages!

Day 19-22 of the movie meme )

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New icons from some lovely period dramas! And my first 20in20 entry. I very much enjoyed doing the themed icons, it 'forces' you to work with caps you would not easily have chosen otherwise IMO.

1-20 Sense and Sensibility (2008) entries for [ profile] austen20in20 
21-29 Cranford II (2009)
30-38 Amazing Grace


A pony and trap would do me very well )
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This weekend, I rewatched the movie Amazing Grace. I really love this movie: it's a moving story based on true historical facts, it's beautifully shot with eye for historical details and it's got great acting. And.. it's a perfect movie for one of my little quirks: spot-the-actor. Having watched a lot of British period drama, I always like to link actors in a movie/ tv-show I'm watching to other things I've seen them in. And Amazing Grace has a complete parliament full of well-known period drama actors! So, where have we seen these MP's (etc) before?

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