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- 1-20: Downton Abbey series 3 for [ profile] inspired20in20
- 21-31: The Hunger Games, unfinished claim for [ profile] adapted20in20
- 32-39: assorted Period Drama, unfinished claim for [ profile] inspired20in20

Ten hours crawling through heather and nothing to show for it. Perhaps it's a parable for life. )
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53 various icons made for icontests at [ profile] the_histories, [ profile] comeholdmyheart, [ profile] period_rumble, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] botanicalstills, [ profile] greatbritain_ic and [ profile] seasons_contest, requests and an icon battle at [ profile] costume_awards


- 1-4: Downton Abbey
- 5: Our Mutual Friend
- 6: Sense and Sensibility (2008)
- 7-9: Pillars of the Earth
- 10: The Messenger
- 11-12: Once upon a Time
- 13-14: Colin Firth
- 15-28: Art, History and Stock
- 29-38: Tea
- 39-53: Icon battle at [ profile] costume_awards (Atonement, Count de Monte Christo, Cranford, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Jane Eyre (2011), Little Dorrit, North and South, Pride and Prejudice (1995), Sherlock Holmes, The Tudors, The King's Speech)

+ 1 Return to Cranford William/Peggy picspam for [ profile] comeholdmyheart
+ 1 coat of arms for [ profile] period_rumble

I hope it is not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples.  )

And, last but not least: check out this new icontest community for lovers of everything period, costume or fantasy related

[ profile] belles_epoques     [ profile] belles_epoques      [ profile] belles_epoques

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38 various period drama icons made for icontests at [ profile] the_histories and [ profile] comeholdmyheart


Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be )
Sign-ups for the new round of [ profile] period_rumble are open until 2 September. The theme of this round is the Middle Ages!

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- 1-20: Cranford (2007), submission for [ profile] costume20in20 
- 21-27: Island at War, Bernhard and Angelique


Finally had time to make a few other icons besides my monthly 20in20. This time they are from Bernhard and Angelique, a couple from the series Island at War, that I also posted two picspams of earlier (here and here). Angelique is a local girl from the Channel Islands who lost her father during the invasion of the Germans. She meets a friendly German pilot, Bernhard, and despite their differences, they fall in love. It's a story of love against all odds, played very well by the two actors Laurence Fox and Joanne Froggatt (who was playing maid Anna in Downton Abbey)

Cranford, this month's claim for [ profile] costume20in20 is just beautiful. It is a prime example of how great the BBC is at making period drama's: wonderful actors, beautiful historic setting and costumes, moving storylines. And it's very funny too! It was a joy to icon this.


No woman is the equal of a man - she is his superior in every single case )


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New icons from some lovely period dramas! And my first 20in20 entry. I very much enjoyed doing the themed icons, it 'forces' you to work with caps you would not easily have chosen otherwise IMO.

1-20 Sense and Sensibility (2008) entries for [ profile] austen20in20 
21-29 Cranford II (2009)
30-38 Amazing Grace


A pony and trap would do me very well )

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