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A loooong time ago, [ profile] litlover12 posted this character meme and I asked her for a letter. As I was doing my post-holiday-email-cleanup this afternoon, I came across the letter she gave me. High time to post the meme myself!

1. Comment -- intelligently or in a nonsensical fashion, requesting to play. General comments are welcome too!
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

B is quite a difficult letter, so I counted both first and last names.

1. Bathseba Everdene, Far from the madding crowd

One of  Hardy's complex female heroines who survives the end of the novel and even ends up with a loving man! This is one lucky book character ;-) I really love Batsheba. Yes, she  makes some pretty bad choices, but she's also a strong female in a men's world. I think Paloma Baeza played her very well in the 1998 adaptation of the novel (sadly often overlooked by period drama lovers)

2. Prof. Friedrich Bhaer, Little Women and sequels

I really love the love story between Jo and prof. Bhaer, which is a little more explicit in the movie than in the book. The ending of the movie is so beautiful! But his character, which we already get a glimpse of in the movie and the book Good Wives, becomes really clear in the books Little men and Jo's Boys. While Jo may be the heart of the school she and Friedrich start together, prof. Bhaer is the soul. He loves all the boys (and girls) under his roof as if they where his own children. One of the most touching scenes in Little men is prof. Bhaer teaching a boy a lesson by  making the boy punish himself (the professor)!

3. Col. Brandon, Sense and Sensibility

I've always seen Colonel Brandon as the hero of Sense and Sensibility, so much more than Edward Ferrars. A man who secretly loves from afar, tries to help and protect the young woman he loves, even though she doesn't look at him twice, how romantic is that?

4. Tom Branson, Downton Abbey

What's not to like about this dashing, intelligent driver? He's not ashamed of who he is, where he comes from and what his opinions are. But I love that besides a revolutionary, he's also a realist. When he drives Lady Sybil to a protest, he doesn't encourage her to go, but tries to stop her, because he knows it can be dangerous. Besides that, he's also not bad on the eyes, both in his uniform or his shirt sleeves. I can understand why Sybil eyes him the way she does ;-) I'm really curious what's in story for Branson in the second series of Downton!!

5. Betsey Trotwood, David Copperfield

I'm actually in the middle of reading David Copperfield at the moment, so while I was browsing my head for characters whose name started with a B, hers came up. Though she may not seem like a very nice character in the beginning of the book, later on you see she's all bark and no bite. She doesn't doubt to take David in in a difficult period of his life and pays for his education. Besides this, she's also very funny, especially in her pursuit to chase passing donkeys from her lawn and not afraid to tell anyone the truth! Definitely one of those gems of characters Dickens writes so well!

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1-20: Casualty 1909, entry for [ profile] costume20in20 
21-40: Little Dorrit
41-50: Our Mutual Friend
51-55: David Copperfield (2000)

You might have seen the Dickens icons already, they were made for the 'Best couples poll' at Dickensblog, which is run by [info]litlover12  I was very happy with the results of the poll, I also love Arthur and Amy as well as John and Bella, so it was a joy making the icons. Making icons for Casualty 1909 is always a joy, it's such a great drama with wonderful characters and lovely costumes and sets.

All around you the flames of modernity are blazing as fiercely as the fire that tore through that slum. Yet there you stand trying to keep everything in its rightful bloody place, etiquette, buttons and all.  )

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