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exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they've encountered during the week etc.)

1. I have a new phone, yay! After struggling with a slow, always full and often crashing Alcatel phone for ages, I now have a lovely, fast Samsung Galaxy Core on which I can download all the apps I want and still have lots of GBs of memory left! There's just one little downside to this: about half a year ago I was browsing through Etsy and came across some great, classic literature inspired phone cases. I then decided: when I get a new phone, I'm buying one of these cases. Unfortunately, these cases are only made for standard model phones like iPhones and Galaxy S. So now my great new phone is dressed in a boring black case, all I could find for this model (#firstworldproblems)
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- 1-20: Regency Era icons for [ profile] history20in20
- 21-46: Various icons made for [ profile] downton_stills, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] the_histories, [ profile] greatbritain_ic, [ profile] comeholdmyheart and [ profile] seasons_contest
(21-28: Downton Abbey, 29-30: Pride and Prejudice '95, 31: Persuasion '95, 32: The Paradise, 33-34: The Other Boleyn Girl, 35-36: Red Riding Hood, 37-38: Enchanted, 39-44: Once upon a Time, 45-46: stock)

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... there is now officially fanfiction based on fanfiction based on her (Jane Austen's) novels! 

I mean, the Lizzie Bennet diaries is basically fanfiction right? (or fan-vlogging?) And today I discovered there is fanfiction based on this vlog series! Now, I'm not very big on fanfiction generally, but here are a few I've been reading and enjoying:

That One Moment: There must have been one moment at least Lizzy thought that Darcy wasn't actually all that bad
A sister's share in the conversation: First impressions are not necessarily made in person. Gigi (Georgiana) stumbles upon a YouTube video on her brother's laptop

Let's just say this proves the timeless power of a great story and strong characters, even more than 200 years later!

(On a side-note, this so makes me want to re-read '21st century Lizzie' by Susannah Clements; the best modern P&P fanfiction around (IMHO, I've not actually read áll of them). Unfortunately, this story is no longer on the web, but if you're interested, PM me your email adress and I'll send it!)
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Various icons made for [ profile] downton_stills, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] botanicalstills, [ profile] greatbritain_ic, [ profile] belles_epoques, [ profile] the_histories and [ profile] comeholdmyheart


- 1-6: Downton Abbey
- 7-8: Emma (2009)
- 9: Emma (1996)
- 10-12: Pride and Prejudice (1995)
- 13: Northanger Abbey
- 14: Sense and Sensibility (1995)
- 15: Great Expectations (2011)
- 16: Our Mutual Friend
- 17-19: Cranford
- 20-21: North and South
- 22: Jane Eyre (2011)
- 23: Jane Eyre (2006)
- 24: The Young Victoria
- 25: Bright Star
- 26-27: Ever After
- 28: Breakfast at Tiffany's
- 29: Australia
- 30-33: Once Upon a Time
- 34-41: Art & Stock

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Various icons made for [ profile] downton_stills, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] belles_epoques, [ profile] history20in20, [ profile] the_histories, [ profile] greatbritain_icand [ profile] botanicalstills


- 1-6: Downton Abbey
- 7-8: Jane Eyre (2011)
- 9-10: Little Dorrit
- 11: Tuck Everlasting
- 12: Emma (2009)
- 13: Pride and Prejudice (1995)
- 14: Garrow's Law
- 15: The Duchess
- 16: Pan Am
- 17-18: The Tudors
- 19: The Other Boleyn Girl
- 20-21: Elizabeth
- 22: The Hunger Games
- 23-28: Once Upon a Time
- 29-30: Sherlock (BBC)
- 31-39: Art & Stock

- 40-47: Catherine Cookson adaptations (The Wingless Bird, Tilly Trotter, The Tide of Life, The Girl, The Round Tower, The Rag Nymph, The Dwelling Place, The Glass Virgin)

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53 various icons made for icontests at [ profile] the_histories, [ profile] comeholdmyheart, [ profile] period_rumble, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] botanicalstills, [ profile] greatbritain_ic and [ profile] seasons_contest, requests and an icon battle at [ profile] costume_awards


- 1-4: Downton Abbey
- 5: Our Mutual Friend
- 6: Sense and Sensibility (2008)
- 7-9: Pillars of the Earth
- 10: The Messenger
- 11-12: Once upon a Time
- 13-14: Colin Firth
- 15-28: Art, History and Stock
- 29-38: Tea
- 39-53: Icon battle at [ profile] costume_awards (Atonement, Count de Monte Christo, Cranford, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Jane Eyre (2011), Little Dorrit, North and South, Pride and Prejudice (1995), Sherlock Holmes, The Tudors, The King's Speech)

+ 1 Return to Cranford William/Peggy picspam for [ profile] comeholdmyheart
+ 1 coat of arms for [ profile] period_rumble

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And, last but not least: check out this new icontest community for lovers of everything period, costume or fantasy related

[ profile] belles_epoques     [ profile] belles_epoques      [ profile] belles_epoques

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38 various period drama icons made for icontests at [ profile] the_histories and [ profile] comeholdmyheart


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Sign-ups for the new round of [ profile] period_rumble are open until 2 September. The theme of this round is the Middle Ages!

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- 1-20 Wives and Daughters, submission for [ profile] costume20in20 
- 21-40 Pride and Prejudice (1995), submission for [ profile] austen20in20 


My submissions for this month's 20in20 competitions! I've recently rewatched Pride and Prejudice (1995) after a reread of the book. I think it was over 5 years since I last watched P&P and during this watch I was struck again with how wonderful Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth portrayed Lizzy and Darcy. So, these icons are a celebration of that fact!

What to say about Wives and Daughters. I've always loved the story about love at last sight. Molly is such a symphatetic heroine and I love the fact that Roger is a scientist , because I'm a scientist myself. The 19th century was such an exciting time in the natural science and Wives and Daughters plays against the backdrop of that.

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