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This booklet is part of The Pop in Culture series of Bible studies in which pastor Matt Rawle finds insight and inspiration in pop culture classics. In twenty short inspirational chapters, stories from Doctor Who are connected to Bible passages that teach us about who we are, how we have to understand time and how we live in a world where evil seems to reign.

I love it when stories in tv series or movies contain inspirational truths. Doctor Who is a good example of a show that puts many 'truths' in it's stories, most strongly (in my humble opinion) in the Tenth Doctor era. On my bookshelf are already some inspirational books about for example the works of Tolkien and Lewis, but I had never before come across a Bible study guide inspired by Doctor Who.

This booklet managed to use a wide variety of Doctor Who stories to illustrate Biblical truths. Some I had expected (such as the last half of series 3, with the Family of Blood and the Master storylines), but others gave me a total 'aha' experience as I had never before thought about the 'deeper layer'. Just so you know, by far most of the examples are from New Who, which was pleasant for me, as I have never watched Classic Who.... The chapters are grouped around four themes: identity, time, good vs evil and mystery which you will recognize as important themes of Doctor Who stories.

The chapters are easy to read, but the message is not dumbed down at all. The book invites you to think and to make connections. There are some questions at the end of each chapter, which will help you connect the message to your own life and experiences. I believe this book will appeal to all Christian fans of Doctor Who!

I received an ebook version of this novel from NetGalley and the publisher Abingdon Press in exchange for an honest review
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