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Over at Elegance of Fashion, very interesting posts have been appearing all week about the fashion of period dramas. Here are my answers to the meme that was placed on the blog.

Period Drama Fashion Week at Elegance of Fashion

1. Which costume in all the period dramas you've seen is your favorite (list up to three)?

I love flower motifs on clothes, so it's no surprise two of my favourite period drama costumes are flowered dresses!

Emma's yellow flowered dress from Emma (2009)

I think designing costume is more interesting as it is not just about the clothes but also the character. - Sandy Powell (The Young Victoria) )
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1-20: Casualty 1909, entry for [ profile] costume20in20 
21-40: Little Dorrit
41-50: Our Mutual Friend
51-55: David Copperfield (2000)

You might have seen the Dickens icons already, they were made for the 'Best couples poll' at Dickensblog, which is run by [info]litlover12  I was very happy with the results of the poll, I also love Arthur and Amy as well as John and Bella, so it was a joy making the icons. Making icons for Casualty 1909 is always a joy, it's such a great drama with wonderful characters and lovely costumes and sets.

All around you the flames of modernity are blazing as fiercely as the fire that tore through that slum. Yet there you stand trying to keep everything in its rightful bloody place, etiquette, buttons and all.  )
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My very first post on my new LJ! Here are some icons and a few banners from some recent period dramas.

1-13   Emma (2009) - episode 1
14-24 Emma (2009) - episode 2
25-26 Emma banners
27-33 Sense and Sensibility (2008)
34-58 Casualty 1909


Bessie wanted an outing. Didn't you, Bessie? )

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