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I had more or less run out of facts I wanted to post, so for today's post I go to a topic about which always something interesting can be told: period drama!

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brönte is likely the classic work of literature which has been adapted for the (large and small) screen most often: 26 times since the first screen adaptation of 1910 (According to Wikipedia, according to other sources there are a few more or less)! Actually, two adaptations were made in 1910, one an Italian, and one a British production. More foreign countries tried their hand at adapting Jane Eyre, as also a Hungarian and a German production were made in the era of the silent movie, in 1958 a Dutch version was made and in 1978 a 20-part (!) serial was produced for Mexican television. And yes, there is also a Bollywood adaptation of Jane Eyre. It is called Sangdil and was produced in 1952. Interestingly, no modernized adaptation has been made, though a few attempts at modernized Jane Eyre books are there.

Some interesting liberties have been taken with the plot of the novel in the various adaptations. In the 1918 Jane Eyre, Rochester thinks his first wife dead until Mason tells him the truth (guess she was not living in the attick of Thornfield then). The 1934 version presents Adele as Rochester's niece and Rochester is in the process of divorcing the mild-mannered Bertha. The 1949 & 1952 adaptations were both one hour long American productions for television and both completely leave out the Lowood ánd the Rivers household part of the story.

If you want to know more about Jane Eyre adaptations, you should really visit this site which has all the information and links to clips you could possibly want!

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Over at Elegance of Fashion, very interesting posts have been appearing all week about the fashion of period dramas. Here are my answers to the meme that was placed on the blog.

Period Drama Fashion Week at Elegance of Fashion

1. Which costume in all the period dramas you've seen is your favorite (list up to three)?

I love flower motifs on clothes, so it's no surprise two of my favourite period drama costumes are flowered dresses!

Emma's yellow flowered dress from Emma (2009)

I think designing costume is more interesting as it is not just about the clothes but also the character. - Sandy Powell (The Young Victoria) )
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Various icons made for [ profile] downton_stills, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] botanicalstills, [ profile] greatbritain_ic, [ profile] belles_epoques, [ profile] the_histories and [ profile] comeholdmyheart


- 1-6: Downton Abbey
- 7-8: Emma (2009)
- 9: Emma (1996)
- 10-12: Pride and Prejudice (1995)
- 13: Northanger Abbey
- 14: Sense and Sensibility (1995)
- 15: Great Expectations (2011)
- 16: Our Mutual Friend
- 17-19: Cranford
- 20-21: North and South
- 22: Jane Eyre (2011)
- 23: Jane Eyre (2006)
- 24: The Young Victoria
- 25: Bright Star
- 26-27: Ever After
- 28: Breakfast at Tiffany's
- 29: Australia
- 30-33: Once Upon a Time
- 34-41: Art & Stock

A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live? )
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Various icons made for [ profile] downton_stills, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] belles_epoques, [ profile] history20in20, [ profile] the_histories, [ profile] greatbritain_icand [ profile] botanicalstills


- 1-6: Downton Abbey
- 7-8: Jane Eyre (2011)
- 9-10: Little Dorrit
- 11: Tuck Everlasting
- 12: Emma (2009)
- 13: Pride and Prejudice (1995)
- 14: Garrow's Law
- 15: The Duchess
- 16: Pan Am
- 17-18: The Tudors
- 19: The Other Boleyn Girl
- 20-21: Elizabeth
- 22: The Hunger Games
- 23-28: Once Upon a Time
- 29-30: Sherlock (BBC)
- 31-39: Art & Stock

- 40-47: Catherine Cookson adaptations (The Wingless Bird, Tilly Trotter, The Tide of Life, The Girl, The Round Tower, The Rag Nymph, The Dwelling Place, The Glass Virgin)

Now you've made your choice. And you're going to regret it. Forever. And all you'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup. )
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53 various icons made for icontests at [ profile] the_histories, [ profile] comeholdmyheart, [ profile] period_rumble, [ profile] ouat_stills, [ profile] botanicalstills, [ profile] greatbritain_ic and [ profile] seasons_contest, requests and an icon battle at [ profile] costume_awards


- 1-4: Downton Abbey
- 5: Our Mutual Friend
- 6: Sense and Sensibility (2008)
- 7-9: Pillars of the Earth
- 10: The Messenger
- 11-12: Once upon a Time
- 13-14: Colin Firth
- 15-28: Art, History and Stock
- 29-38: Tea
- 39-53: Icon battle at [ profile] costume_awards (Atonement, Count de Monte Christo, Cranford, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Jane Eyre (2011), Little Dorrit, North and South, Pride and Prejudice (1995), Sherlock Holmes, The Tudors, The King's Speech)

+ 1 Return to Cranford William/Peggy picspam for [ profile] comeholdmyheart
+ 1 coat of arms for [ profile] period_rumble

I hope it is not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples.  )

And, last but not least: check out this new icontest community for lovers of everything period, costume or fantasy related

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